One Key Element to a Life of Faith

Many people want to live a life of faith, but few people are actually doing it. There are all kinds of reasons for this. Some of us are scared, some entitled, and others just addicted to comfort.

But there is also an element of faith I think most of us are missing — grace.

Stories of great faith are invariably stories of great grace.

Take Rahab for example. Rabab was a poor, pagan woman. She was a prostitute nonetheless. She was the least likely candidate to change the course of history. But in one of the most miraculous events of scripture, she took action to save God’s people from capture by Jericho’s soldiers.

When I think about the story of Rahab, I realize she must have been afraid. She hadn’t grown up with any faith in the true God, so when she felt God calling her to do something crazy — defy her government — I wonder if she thought to herself, this is crazy!

I wonder if she thought about how she could be punished.

I wonder if worried about what the consequences would be.

I wonder if she wondered if God would be pleased with her for what she had done.

Still, she took a step of faith to be obedient to God, despite her fear, and God used her obedience for his good. She didn’t wait for courage to act. Courage came with her acting. And I love how God responded. He responded by using her, despite her status and her resume, to do something amazing for him.

I think many of us are like Rahab. We don’t see ourselves as anything special. We’re just a plain-old Joe, working a plain-old job. Or maybe, like Rahab, we’ve done things we wish we wouldn’t done. We worry we’re a lost cause for God, that he has given up on us. At the same time many of us feel like God has put a desire inside us to do something great for him.

If God has placed a desire inside your heart to do something great, but you’re not sure you have the credentials you need, think of Rahab. If you’re not moving forward with your dream because you’re afraid, think of Rahab. If you’re worried you don’t have the resources or the clout, think of Rahab.

I dare you to have the courage she had.

I dare you to step out in faith.

I dare you to experience Grace like she did.

I dare you to see what God does.

Question: In what ways is God asking you to step out in faith? What is holding you back?